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Molecular Mixology for modern cocktails

By budlightfiesta, Mar 15 2013 09:46AM

Welcome to the world of cocktails, the refreshing drink and mood booster. Molecular mixology is an art of applying theories and findings from molecular gastronomy, in bars and for drinks. Molecular gastronomy is the science of applying science to cook different types of food to come up with a whole new taste. Both types of mixology differ in that one is about drinks and the other is about food. The people who practice mixology are called mixologists. The practice of making cocktails has been in existence for long, and many bartenders in the world are adapting to it. Do not be left behind.

The best method in making cocktails by molecular mixology is to go out of the ordinary. Think of how you can mix different ingredients, drinks or tweak any recipe to come up with something different. Do not use the traditional methods that were used in making cocktails. Match ingredients that will go together. Mixologists come up with new flavors, textures, tastes and new serving methods. Use physics and science as your source of inspiration and surely, you will come up with the best cocktail. Be creative and commit yourself to innovation.

Mixologists working in restaurants dealing with molecular gastronomy have an advantage of acquiring new skills on how to make the best cocktail. They have access to expensive equipments that chefs use. However, to make a good cocktail does not mean that you must have expensive equipments. All that matters is to use the best molecular mixology techniques, equipments and high quality ingredients. Dedicate your time in making a good cocktail even at home or get one from a bar. Equipments used to make cocktails range from blowtorches to liquid nitrogen and vacuum chambers.

Some popular techniques used in making cocktails are like liquid nitrogen, foams, mists, gel, solidifying liquids and heat. There are many bars specializing in molecular mixology just like hotels, which specialize in molecular gastronomy. However, the practice has gained much attention from mixologists. The main purpose is to mix different types of drinks, to come up with different flavors, textures, visuals and feels. Cocktails are the best types of drinks in the market. They allow the drinker to enjoy and make the experience interesting.

Combining both scientific and chemical processes might be dangerous. Cream chargers contain nitrous oxide which can be dangerous for the environment but is safe for us. However, the right tools and equipment for mixing make the process more enjoyable. Take the right protective tools as gloves, torch and you are assured of safety. Some ingredients like liquid nitrogen should be used by professionals because they are highly flammable. Despite the increasing popularity of molecular mixology cocktails, the methods and techniques of preparation may be a bit expensive. Nevertheless, most bars are making sure you get the best by adding flavor to the traditional cocktail.

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