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Light Fiesta

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Hot cream chargers dancing and more..

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Fiesta Time

It is not so much how much you love the food, the music the fiesta - it is also a matter of how much use you can make of you cream chargers? The more fun you have the more fun you you want to have. The Light Fiesta is a celebration of everything fun and foodie, molecular drinks and super ice cream. Stay a while and see what er are all about - or even better come along to visit the Fiesta here in camberwell! We stock all of the equipment you need but for wholesale cream chargers try for all of the other cream supplies and molecular cusisine needs then stry right here with us at the bud kight fiesta.

Got Cream? Shine Bright Lights?


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Budlight fiesta knows that cocktails are great, but how about taking it all one stage further with some molecular cocktails? Surely, that has got to be better? A great place to find out what is is all about would have to Shaker where you can go on a course to learn all of the basics, or if you know the basics then you can learn some  more advanced trickery.

Nitrous oxide powered cocktails!